classical piano music

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current list of my favourites in classical piano music.

the original plan was to record each piece by myself. i gave up after a few since it seemed to be incompatible with my life expectancy. instead i picked some fabulous recordings from professional pianists.

in the first column publication dates are given. they may differ significantly from the date of composition.

as an amateur i find it extremly helpful to use music sheets with fingering. i prefer them over more popular editions.

the main list covers all pieces for two hands without orchestra, including transcriptions

now, off to practice ...

my canon

1722 bachthe well-tempered clavierbwv.846praeludium & fuga Ic-dur
bwv.847praeludium & fuga IIc-moll
bwv.848praeludium & fuga IIIcis-dur
bwv.849praeludium & fuga IVcis-moll
bwv.850praeludium & fuga Vd-dur
bwv.851praeludium & fuga VId-moll
1723 bachinventionbwv.779invention 8f-dur
1723 bachpraeludium in c-mollbwv.999c-moll
1757 scarlattisonata in d-durk 430 (l 463)d-dur
1766 c.p.e.bachsolfeggiettowq 117/2, h.220c-moll
1779 haydnklaviersonate nr.48 in c-durhob.xvi/351.allegro con brioc-dur
3.finale: allegroc-dur
1781 mozart12 variations 'ah! vous dirai-je, maman'kv.265c-dur
1783 mozartsonata in c-durkv.3301.allegro moderatoc-dur2021
2.andante cantabilef-dur2021
1784 mozartsonata in d-durkv.3311.andante graziosoa-dur
2.menuetto, trioa-dur
3.allegretto, 'alla turca'a-moll2007
1785 mozartfantasie in d-mollkv.397andanted-moll
1785 mozartfantasie in c-durkv.475adagioc-dur
1786 mozartrondo nr.1 in d-durkv.485allegrod-dur
1788 mozartsonata in c-dur 'facile'kv.5451.allegroc-dur2008
3.rondo, allegroc-dur
1795 beethovenrage over the lost pennyop.129allegro vivaceg-dur
1796 beethovensonata in f-mollop.2 nr.11.allegrof-moll
1799 beethovensonata in c-moll 'pathetique'op.131.gravec-moll
2.adagio cantabileas-dur
3.rondo, allegroc-moll
1801 beethovensonata in cis-moll 'mondschein'op.27 nr.21.adagio sostenutocis-moll
3.presto agitatocis-moll
1801 beethovensonata in d-dur 'pastorale'op.281.allegrod-dur
3.allegro vivaced-dur
4.allegro, ma non troppod-dur
1805 beethovensonata in c-dur 'waldstein'op.531.allegro con brioc-dur
2.adagio moltof-dur
3.allegretto moderato - prestissimoc-dur
1810 beethovenbagatelle nr.25 in a-moll 'für elise'woo 59poco motoa-moll2007
1817 schubertscherzo in b-durd.593 nr.1allegrettob-dur2007
1820 kuhlausonatine in c-durop.20 nr.11.allegroc-dur2021
3.rondo, allegroc-dur
1827 schubertimpromptus, erste sammlungop.90 nr.2allegroes-dur
op.90 nr.3andanteges-dur
op.90 nr.4allegrettoas-dur
1828 schubertmoments musicaux Nr.3op.94 nr.3allegro moderatof-moll
1828 schubertimpromptus, zweite sammlungop.142 nr.4allegro scherzandof-moll
1828 schubertsonate in a-durd.9593.scherzo+trio, allegro vivacea-dur
1831 mendelssohn
rondo capricciosoop.14andantee-dur2008
1832 chopinnocturne in es-durop.9 nr.2andantees-dur2009
1833 chopinetude in c-dur 'waterfall'op.10 nr.1allegroc-dur
etude in a-moll 'chromatique'op.10 nr.2allegroa-moll
etude in e-dur 'tristesse'op.10 nr.3lento, ma non troppoe-dur2011
etude in c-moll 'revolutionsetude'op.10 nr.12allegro con fuococ-moll2008
1834 chopinfantasie impromptu in cis-mollop.66allegro agitatocis-moll2009
1835 chopindeux valses - valse in as-dur 'l'adieu'op.69 nr.1lentoas-dur2010
1836 schumanngrand sonata nr.1op.111.un poco adagio - allegro vivacefis-moll
2.senza passione, ma espressivoa-dur
3.scherzo e intermezzofis-moll
4.allegro und poco maestosofis-moll
1837 chopinetude in as-dur 'aeolian harp'op.25 nr.1allegro sostenutoas-dur
etude in f-moll 'the bees'op.25 nr.2prestof-moll
1837 chopinpiano sonata nr.2 - march funebre in b-mollop.35 3.lentob-moll
1838 chopinpolonaise in a-dur 'military'op.40 nr.1allegro con vrioa-dur2010
1838 liszt (schubert)la sérénade559a/1moderato. tempo rubatod-moll
1838 schumannkinderszenenop.15 nr.1von fremden länderng-dur2007
op.15 nr.7träumereif-dur2008
1839 chopinprélude in e-mollop.28 nr.4largoe-moll
prélude in a-durop.28 nr.7andantinoa-dur2010
prélude in des-dur 'regentropfen-prélude'op.28 nr.15andantino (Sostenuto)des-dur2010
1839 schumannarabeske in c-durop.18leggiero e teneramentec-dur
1842 chopinpolonaise in as-dur 'heroic'op.53maestosoas-dur
1842 chopinnocturne in f-mollop.55 nr.1andantef-moll2009
1847 mendelssohn
6 kinderstückeop.72 nr.6vivacef-dur
1847 chopinvalse in des-dur 'minute'op.64 nr.1molto vivacedes-dur2007
valse in cis-mollop.64 nr.2tempo giustocis-moll2010
1848 heller30 etudes progressivesop.46 nr.7vivacee-moll
1850 lisztliebestraum nr.3s.541/3poco allegro, con affettoas-dur2007
1851 lisztungarische rapsodie nr.2s.244/2lento a capricciocis-moll
1857 lisztetude de concert nr.3
un sospiro
s.144allegro affettuosodes-dur2007
1860 liszt (schubert)gretchen am spinnrades.375/2 d.118non troppo allegrod-moll2021
1860 lisztmephisto walzer nr.1s.514allegro vivace (quasi presto)a-dur
1867 brahms16 walzerop.39 nr.15as-dur2021
1867 tschaikovskysouvenir de hapsalop.2 nr.33.chant sans paroles, allegretto grazioso e cantabilef-dur
1868 tschaikovskyromance in f minorop.5andante candabilef-moll
1874 mussorgskypictures at an exhibitionpromenadeb-dur2007
1.gnomus es-moll
promenadeas-dur vecchio castello gis-moll
3.tuileries (dispute d'enfants aprčs jeux)h-dur
5.ballett der unausgeschlüpften kükenf-dur
6.„samuel“ goldenberg und „schmu˙le“b-moll
1876 tschaikovskythe seasonsop.37b nr.22.february, allegro giustod-dur2007
op.37b nr.1010.october, andante doloroso e molto cantabilef-dur2014
1878 tschaikovskyalbum for the youthop.39 nr.88.waltz, allegroes-dur
1878 tschaikovsky12 morceaux de difficulté moyenneop.40 nr.1010.danse russe, andantinoa-moll2012
1880 brahmsrapsodia in g-mollop.79 nr.2molto passionato, ma non troppo allegrog-moll2007
1889 macdowelletude de concertop.36allegro con fuocofis-dur2012
1893 rachmaninoffprélude in cis-mollop.2 nr.3lentocis-moll2008
1894 dvorakhumoresque in ges-durop.101 nr.7poco lento e graziosoges-dur2021
1903 rachmaninoffprélude in b-durop.23 nr.2maestosob-dur
prélude in g-mollop.23 nr.5alla marciag-moll2013
1905 debussysuite bergamasque - clair de lunel.75andante tres expressifdes-dur
1906 albeniziberiabook 11.evocation, allegretto expressivoas-moll
2.el puerto, allegro commododes-dur
3.el corpus en sevilla, allegro graciosofis-moll
1908 debussychildren's gradus ad parnassumc-dur2007
2.jimbo's lullabyb-dur
3.serenade for the dolle-dur
4.snow is dancingf-dur2008
5.the little shepherda-dur
6.golliwog's cake walkes-dur2008
1910 rachmaninoffprélude in gis-mollop.32 nr.12allegrogis-moll2007
1911 rachmaninoffétudes-tableaux in d-mollop.33 nr.5moderatod-moll
1916 calvointermezzo n°2 - lejano azulb-moll
1921 casella11 pezzi infantileop.35 nr.44.bolero, allegro spagnuoloc-dur
1922 shostakovichthree fantastic dancesop.5 nr.1allegretoc-dur
op.5 nr.2andantinog-dur
op.5 nr.3allegrettoc-dur
1931 rachmaninoff
flight of the bumblebeetranscriptionprestoc-dur2021
1932 khachaturiantoccata in es-mollop.11allegra marcatissimoes-moll
1933 shostakovich24 preludesop.34 nr.2allegrettoa-moll2001
op.34 nr.7andantea-dur2001
op.34 nr.13moderatofis-dur2001
op.34 nr.14adagioes-moll2001
op.34 nr.20allegretto furiosoc-moll2001
1935 howe (bach)sheep may safely grazetranscriptionb-dur
1938 prokofievromeo and juliet: ten pieces for pianoop.75 nr.1national dance, allegro giocosod-dur
op.75 nr.4juliet as a young girl, vivacec-dur
op.75 nr.6montagues and capulets, allegro pseantee-moll2007
1953 tscherepninzwölf präludienop.85 nr.9allegrob-dur2007
1959 khachaturiansonatina in c-dur1.allegro giocosoc-dur
2.andante con anima, rubatoc-dur
3.allegro mossoc-dur
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