welcome to kenn.at


what am i doing here?

probably you just landed here by accident. or you were looking for mischa, that's me. maybe you met me somewhere and actually remembered my name.

there is a lot of passion here, whether for traveling, classical music, mathematics, sports or food. as a like-minded person you will find here something of everything.

this site was never designed, it just came into being. it serves as a playground for the myriad of ideas that are constantly running through my head. that's why it only works properly on pc and not on cell phone.

you are still here?

that's great! first of all, a major goal for this presence is networking. if some of my ideas appeal to you, please don't be shy, get in touch: michael@kenn.at

if you are only interested in cycling the 573 municipalities of lower austria as efficiently as possible, then follow this link.

if you are here for the mallorca video, then follow this link.

all others are invited to feel at home here - so have fun looking around.


cycling trips

for 34 years now we have been making bicycle tours around the world. why? - here are a few good reasons.

in the beginning we went with heavy trekking bikes, tents and an infinite amount of equipment into inaccessible areas. in the meantime, we have switched to racing bikes and each of us takes turns in being the escort vehicle for a day. the accommodations also have significantly more stars than before.

what remains is the joy of suffering on the mountain during the day and in the evening the vast quantities of gambas al ajillo that we have been continuously converting into kilometers for many years.


there is a lot to tell about mathematics:

the great solved and unsolved problems, the stories and anecdotes of famous mathematicians, surprising connections between far-flung mathematical subfields, and so on.

but what always impresses me is the inner beauty of certain mathematical objects. the best examples are elliptical curves, which surpass even noble racing bikes in their elegance - and that's saying something.

follow this link to learn more about my current math project.

applied mathematics


hard to believe, but even the most beautiful luxury creature has to pursue a serious profession from time to time. for me, it's medical data science.

here is the link to our current publication with the aim of improving the hit rate in the classification of breast cancer patients.

there is even a press release about this.

the traveling cyclist problem

a combination of math and cycling can be explored here.

it is about cycling through the 573 municipalities of lower austria as intelligently as possible. the special thing about this project is that it requires skill in several areas: sports, mathematics, data science, programming, logistics and so on.

Ville Vieille